Our Club's Paul Harris Fellows as of 07/10/2015
PHF Plus 8 PHF Plus 3
Karen Beyer Carol Gieske
Terry Dunning Tom Hannula
Ralph Helm John Juergensmeyer *
Jerry Hoover Earl Lamp
Rick Jakle Fred Ledebuhr
Sharon Jakle Carole Medal
Craig Lamp Sue Moylan
Dave Mengler * Leo Nelson
Craig Rueckert Cathy Nuehalfen
Craig Stokely John Regan
  Steve Laird
PHF Plus 6  
Ben Brown PHF Plus 2
  Roger Bear
PHF Plus 5 John Fahy
Harry Blizzard Jim Johnston
Tom Johannesen Tim Moore
Stu Howes Tim Schneider
Mike Warren Bob Turner
  Dave Underwood
PHF Plus 4  
Hratch Basmadjian PHF Plus 1
Laurie Bitter Jay Curtis
Randy Brittain Jaime Garcia
Ted Heise Rick Mogler
Carl Lundstrom Bruce Pullen
Mike McKay Dr. David Sams
Frank Transue PHF
  Matthew Brown
Dave Burisek
Dave Considine
  Linda Deering
  Wendy Romero
Bob Spellmeyer*
* You are missed (deceased)
Greg Weider
The Paul Harris Fellowship is named for Paul Harris, who founded Rotary with three business associates in Chicago in 1905.
Please see the Page "What is a Paul Harris Fellow?" for more information about the award and different levels of recognition.