District 6440 Offers 500 Point Match

Elgin Rotarians have the opportunity of fulfilling the $1,000 requirement for first time or multiple recognition through a $500 one-time contribution to the annual program fund, which will be matched by 500 credit points by a very generous district contributor. 

District 6440 is
pleased to announce once again that a very generous donor has offered to match new $500 Annual Fund contributions to The Rotary Foundation with Foundation Recognition Points for new Paul Harris and Multiple Paul Harris recognition this Rotary year.  Simply stated, that allows a Rotarian to become a new or multiple Paul Harris Fellow for only $500. The gift must be made through the district to qualify.

The donor of the contribution cannot make his/her $500 contribution on line, but must submit the information on the #123 Global Contribution Form available here for download
#123 Global Contribution Form or on the Rotary International website.The #123 Form is a 2-sided document with contribution information on the front  and recognition transfer request information on the back.  The donor should complete the information on the contribution side of the form:  Section 1 is the donor contact/club information; Section 2 is gift designation, the donor must check the box for "Annual Fund - Share", Section 3 Contribution Details, the donor should complete the information and attach a $500 check made out to The Rotary Foundation or complete the credit card information. Section 4 should be completed for the recognition shipping details. The completed form should not be submitted directly to the Foundation but should be sent to Craig Stokely, Club Foundation chair in order to receive the matching points.  Craig will help complete the Recognition Transfer Request information on the form and will submit the completed form to RI. 

For details, contact Craig Stokely at