Craig Stokely, Randy Brittain, Dave Considine and Rhonda Huber
Rotarians Dave Considine and Rhonda Huber were awarded their first-time Paul Harris Fellow pins and certificates by President Randy Brittain and Foundation Chair Craig Stokely on January 9, 2012. Craig Stokely also received his Four Sapphires pin for his ongoing support of Rotary International.

The Rotary International Foundation supports numerous programs throughout the world to further Rotary’s mission. Anyone who contributes $100 or more per year to the Rotary International Annual Programs Fund is automatically recognized as a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member. The Rotary Club of Elgin is proud that our membership receives such recognition through our annual individual contributions, which are invoiced by our club and paid each year by each member. These individual annual contributions may be supplemented by each member’s additional contributions to the Rotary International Foundation. The PolioPlus eradication program is such a supplemental effort.

In 1957, the Paul Harris Fellow recognition program was initiated as a way of honoring the founder of Rotary through significant individual contributions to the Rotary International Foundation. When a member’s cumulative contributions to the Rotary International Foundation reach $1,000, the member is recognized by induction as a Paul Harris Fellow at a club meeting. This honor includes a personalized certificate, a medallion and a Paul Harris Fellow pin, as well as placing the member’s name on our 100% Paul Harris Club banner.

For each additional cumulative contribution of $1,000 the member receives a new Paul Harris Fellow pin with precious stones.
  • $2,000 One Sapphire
  • $3,000 Two Sapphires
  • $4,000 Three Sapphires
  • $5,000 Four Sapphires
  • $6,000 Five Sapphires
  • $7,000 One Ruby
  • $8,000 Two Rubies
  • $9,000 Three Rubies

There are over 1,250,000 Paul Harris Fellows throughout the world today!

Our club seeks to maintain its special recognition as a 100% Paul Harris Club.

If you have questions about your individual giving status, kindly contact the Club's Foundation Chair, Craig Stokely at (630) 584-0985 or